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Feasibility study Demerara Bridge


Lievense carried out a feasibility study for the construction of a new bridge over the Demerara river near Georgetown, commissioned by the Ministry of Public Works in Guyana.

The Demerara river has a total width of 2 kilometers and forms an important route for seagoing vessels that sail towards the hinterland, for the export of bauxite and import of oil products. The current bridge, a so-called floating bridge, is more than 40 years old and desperately needs replacement, not only because the technical lifespan has expired, but also because the traffic congestion has increased significantly in the immediate vicinity due to rising employment and new housing.

Lievense carried out a planning study into the correct location of the new bridge, the surrounding road network and the design of the new bridge. The possibilities for a bridge with a height of 50 meters and a bridge with a movable section were investigated. The study also included an environmental impact study, a social cost-benefit analysis, the elaboration of a business plan as well as a financing plan for the project on the private market.

‘Houston Versailles’ emerged from the study as the best location. In terms of bridge configuration, a bridge with a throughput of 20 meters and a movable part with an opening of up to 50 meters high was recommended. The movable part of the bridge will only be used for shipping, which limits the number of openings.

Lastly, Lievense drew up an inquiry document for the selection of market parties prepared to submit a proposal for a Finance, Build, Operate and Maintain contract.