Our services

Lievense is a multidisciplinary consultancy and engineering firm in the areas of construction, infrastructure, water and the environment. We specialise in urban development, multidisciplinary projects, building and construction, environmental research, infrastructure, water & environment, pipeline infrastructure & high-voltage management.

Acoustics and noise

Asbestos inventory and advice

Zoning plans


Urban development

Soil policy and soil quality maps

Civil engineering

Building costs

Building engineering

Fire safety engineering

Outdoor urban development

Structural engineering

Dike engineering and design

Building management and supervision

Sustainable living environment

Ecology and Water Framework Directive (KRW)

Ecological research

EMC influence calculations

Energy advice

High-voltage engineering

Engineering cables and pipes

External safety (QRA)

External building safety

Foundation advice and geotechnical engineering

Noise and vibrations

Healthy living environment

Ground flow research and advice

Feasibility study for pipes and cables

Hydraulics and morphology


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Environmental care, CSR and sustainability

Multidisciplinary projects

Disadvantage compensation and compensation schemes for cables and pipes

Environmental quality

Environmental management

Environmental law and permits

Design and engineering infrastructure

Highway design

Prefab engineering

Preparation of building specifications according to RAW methodology

Damage expertise

Second opinion and review

Urban design

Urban 3D visualizations

Strength, capacity and system calculations

Nitrogen deposition research

Detail engineering

Value engineering

Permits, calculations and drawings

Water management and climate

Wastewater research