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Every day, we work to create an environment where people like to spend their time. The topics of sustainability, energy, spatial quality, health & safety and climate all play an important role in our services. We always take a practical and realistic approach.

Why Lievense?

As an advisory partner, we supervise the design and decision-making process and provide environmental engineering, civil engineering and urban development studies for urban, rural or commercial developments.

We have our feet on the ground, both literally and figuratively speaking, and always treat the surroundings and the environment with respect. In addition, our specialists have excellent knowledge of the decision-making processes of the relevant authorities, so they know exactly which (environmental) surveys are required for construction, redevelopment or renovation plans for buildings and infrastructure.

Thanks to our wide-ranging in-house expertise, we are able to provide our customers with extensive and comprehensive advice relating to a healthy, safe and climate-adaptive environment.

When Lievense?

You can contact us for partial or complete advice on various social and environmental issues. In addition to advice and guidance in the planning phase, we can also support you in the follow-up process, from initial sketch and permit procedures to surveys and environmental management.

We work for provinces, municipalities, companies and developers, among others.

Our expertise:

  • Healthy, climate-adaptive and sustainable living environment
  • Environmental research
  • Urban development and planning, legal and environmental advice