An integrated approach to water, nature and a high-quality living environment. We are a collaborative partner in the field of flood risk management and area design. We organise and facilitate the whole process to realise your project with the optimal end result.

We do this by bringing partners together with the relevant expertise, supported by specialist research, including in the areas of flood risk management, shipping, spatial quality and development of the natural environment.

Why Lievense?

Our experts are skilled at adapting to the ever-changing environment of our customers. We stay close to our customers and to the industry. We don’t only focus on the theory, but also carry out practical fieldwork and are therefore precisely aware of what is going on in the outside world. This, coupled with the fact that we bridge the gap between the project and its surroundings, means that we are more than just an advisor for you.

When Lievense?

You can contact us for integral advice related to flood risk management, water management and development of the natural environment. We support project owners in their policymaking, investigations and planning studies through to project realization.

We work for provinces, municipalities, water boards and contractors, among others.

Our expertise:

  • Environmental management
  • Climate adaptation – flood protection
  • Area development